In the pre- Sathorn Road, It was the Canal used to for circulation before, and there were various planting. The Bhiraj Tower’s project is an improvement of the building and storage space of the former office, suitable for the modern atmosphere of the Sathorn Road, which is Thailand’s major economic source.

The main concept of landscape design is to create a virtual environment to bring out the shade of ” Canal sathorn ” is back here again. By combining the original architectural styles. Building materials and original areas and all exciting trees are available with a modern new style. Meet the lives of the people who go on Sathorn Road and create an atmosphere of the project in the historical Sathorn area. It’s not a rush, but with the look of a modern-looking project attracts new generations.

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The Peacock Tail is the main characteristic of the Sathorn Canal. Landscape Architect are combining the design of the peacock tail flower. In a triangle, weave together. Represents the context of the area through the geometric form. It also means that it is a symbol of the project owner

The original context of the physical area, such as the exciting tree, is available in the project. The building model includes non-used construction materials in the area, applying various sorting patterns to be able to live together with project development harmoniously.

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