Inflexion Memorial Park is a public park that is implanted in the lot of the old Monaco Building, an icon of pain and violence, former property of the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar. This new public space that is given to the city as a result of an international public architecture competition, commemorates through a memorial the victims of the narco-terrorism that occurred in the city in a period from 1983 to 1994. The park is divided into 3 main moments: The essence: It is the main entrance of the park and the main path accompanied by 9 “monoliths” is carried out through the “Path of the Heroes” where phrases of murdered public life characters are housed, which through their voices and words they preceded the phenomenon that was occurring in society. Inflection: It is the most important and solemn moment in space.

A black stone wall 70 meters long and 5 meters high, made up of 4 large breaks, divides the park in two. The north side is perforated by 46,612 holes, each of these openings represents a deadly victim of the violence that occurred during this period; at night these perforations are illuminated from inside the wall, forming an anonymous constellation of light that represent and connect each of the absent lives with their own that visit the place. On the south side, there is a chronological line carved on the stone, in which 208 violent events that occurred in the city associated with narco-terrorism are exposed, indicating the place, date, and type of event. As the visitors cross the park, they remember and recognize the magnitude of the attacks, many of the visitors lived through these times of pain, recognizing the attack again with the date and place where it occurred becomes an exercise in collective catharsis and It is the first step to begin to heal the still open wounds as a society.


Forest of Resilience: An urban forest where tree species from different parts of the country are housed, it is a natural space that pays tribute to the resistance and capacity of society to overcome the difficulties and painful moments that it lived and as the resilient spirit that offers opportunities to generate new directions and perspectives. Additionally, part of the rubble of the old building was used to generate 2 linear walls as a historical trace that are located on the edges of the park, redefining the symbols of pain that this construction represented to now house a living space inside. This urban space has as its epicenter reflection above sadness, to vindicate hope, dignify life above any trace of violence and exalt the celebration of the human spirit, opening spaces for the encounter with culture and construction of the social fabric.

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