The project included designing of water playground with public greeneries land at the former coal mine terrains. The plan sets up a group of rounded plazas merging with greenery and connected with streams flowing down to the central part. The water playground is situated in the focal point, surrended by green hills. It is recessed regard to the sorrounding alleys level. It makes a comfortable situation for little users, not being visible to walkers from the main alley.

Playground is  entwined with shallow stream, acting as footbath pool. Floors pattern refers to sprilling water and makes a background for colorful water toys. Around the water playground there are benches and seats for parents. That helps them taking care for their playing children.

A technical building with toilets is hidden inside one of the green hills alongside the main alley. Unusual shapes of curved benches create a green and quiet places, perfect for a resting, meeting with friends and looking at the sky laying on the hanging nets.

Carefully designed greenery, rustling grass, colorful bushes and flower meadow complete the whole project. The plan assumed keeping a previous trees localization in the south part.

Now, these trees make a balmy, cold shadow in the sizzling hot days. Rounded plazas, due of its form, make a comfortable and cosy exteriors, coax walkers to integrate, by its harmonious and consistent plan.

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