The URBAN FARM where better city meets natural life”, has been the core idea throughout the design. A green urban valley complex with a ‘street landscape park’ as a highlight in the architectural space, is sitting right above one of the most used metro stations in Shanghai.

The 20,000 m2 green valley complex, designed with the URBAN FARM concept of merging nature and human space, weaves its way into the daily life of city dwellers through the intelligent roof geometry. The ‘roof’ is split into different scales and connected in various heights, where interesting terraces and slopes outdoor are connected in a 3D way, responding to the architectural functions below and human activities within it.

The urban complex utilizes nature’s own cooling system to counteract the heat-island effect, refreshing the city’s environment as well as the social environment. Together with our natural green landscape, the refreshing environment ensures our Urban Farm is the most popular urban space, right in the heart of the city.

In addition, the URBAN FARM is defined as a TOD project (Transit Oriented Development), with all the functions: Retail, Office and Service Apartment smoothly connected by public transportation. It makes every place within walking distance while creating a new value of developing the urban network, in the rapid development in Shanghai.

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